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CBE Languages is a registered exam centre (NL155) and preparation centre for Cambridge English exams. Cambridge Assessment English (part of the University of Cambridge, UK) develop and produce a range of qualifications for language learners, recognised by universities, employers, and governments all over the world.

Why Cambridge English? Waarom Cambridge Engels?

We run open exams for individuals and small groups and we run private exams for school groups of 30 candidates or more.

See below for our exam timetable for 2020!

Exams for schools can be provided on multiple extra dates from January 2020.

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EXAM TIMETABLE SPRING 2020 - open exams (available to all)

Exam (paper-based) Location Written papers Speaking paper Closing date Exam fee
FIRST (B2) Rotterdam Fri 13 March Fri 06 March Fri 24 January € 220,-
ADVANCED (C1) Rotterdam Sat 14 March Fri 06 March Fri 24 January € 242,-
PROFICIENCY (C2) Rotterdam Sat 07 March Fri 06 March Fri 24 January € 256,-
Please note - there are more dates available for all exams if you are a school or business with 30 or more candidates. Please contact us to arrange a private exam session.

EXAM TIMETABLE SUMMER 2020 - open exams (available to all)

Exam (paper-based) Location Written papers Speaking paper Closing date Exam fee
FIRST (B2) Rotterdam Sat 20 June Fri 12 June 30 April € 220,-
ADVANCED (C1) Rotterdam Sat 20 June Fri 12 June 30 April € 242,-
PROFICIENCY (C2) Rotterdam Fri 12 June Fri 05 June 30 April € 256,-

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Registration form for individuals

Registration form for schools or businesses with more than 6 candidates (once entered, we will send you a block form to which you can add names of all candidates and attach any necessary documentation related to special requirements)

Cambridge English Examination Fees 2020

Examinations (paper-based & computer-based)

CBE Languages is certified to run the following exams in the Netherlands:

Cambridge English: Key English Test for Schools (KET) A2

Cambridge English: Preliminary Test for Schools (PET) B1

Cambridge English: First for Schools (FCE for Schools) B2

Cambridge English: First (FCE) B2

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) C1

Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) C2

DELTA Module 1

We run paper-based First, Advanced and Proficiency exams every spring and summer; if you are interested in computer-based, Delta or Key or Preliminary for your school, then please contact Emma as we only run these on demand.

Are you a Dutch or Belgian school looking to set up Cambridge English exams for your students?

If you have a minimum of 30 candidates we can send an exam team to you and run the Cambridge English exams on your premises. Please fill out this provisional form and we will contact you shortly. Alternatively, you can email us at or call 010-282-7820 to arrange a school visit.

Do you have any physical disabilities or learning difficulties?

Cambridge Assessment English and CBE are committed to providing a positive exam experience for everyone. If you are hearing or sight-impaired or have a learning difficulty (such as dyslexia or ADHD) we can provide modified materials and / or extra time during the exam to ensure the conditions are fair. In order to qualify for modified materials or extra time, you must submit medical proof of your condition to our exam coordinator at least 6 weeks before the exam (details on the registration form). The documentation will be treated confidentially.

Very good! 5* - Our students were received very well for their speaking exams for FCE.

"Farel Lyceum is highly impressed with the efficient and professional services of CBE languages. Compassion is one of the strongest points of this centre. We don't regret having chosen to work with CBE languages"

Chonticha Amkham, English teacher / CAE exam trainer - Farel Lyceum Ridderkerk
Camb Grad