A chance to practice speaking English in a safe and stimulating environment with support and feedback from a British English teacher. You will discuss interesting topics, current affairs and develop skills for everyday communication.

Improve your English speaking skills

For students who are above level B1 who would like to improve their speaking skills this course will develop your fluency, so that you are more confident when speaking English. During the course you will take part in debates, discussions and social conversations. You will learn how to express your opinion effectively, agree and disagree politely and interact with other speakers easily and naturally. You will also expand your vocabulary in relation to a variety of topics. This course has two levels so that you can practise speaking at a level that is right for you.    

Course stages

Course English Conversation A English Conversation B English Conversation C
Duration 11 weeks / 22 hours 11 weeks / 22 hours 11 weeks / 22 hours
Costs € 305,- € 305,-* € 305,-*
*If you re-register directly after your first course you will receive an earlybird discount on the next course / Course books are not included in this price



CPE evaluation 2015

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the evening classes, it was one of the good things in the week. A way of playful learning, with lots of humour. In the mean time I learned to dot the i's and improve my spelling. On top of that there's the idiom, which is great fun. There are so much to discover in this language that I like it even better than before!"