"I feel fairly comfortable speaking Dutch, but really need to learn more words and improve my pronunciation"

You can already:

  • talk about yourself and your family
  • read and understand simple texts and messages
  • take part in social situations at a simple level
  • understand the key points of spoken messages

You will develop your understanding and ability to:

  • discuss familiar topics related to work, school, leisure, etc. 
  • deal with most situations that could happen while travelling in an English-speaking country.
  • describe personal feelings such as dreams, hopes and ambitions
  • tell a story such as the plot of a film or novel
  • express your opinion
  • talk about past and future events correctly

Dutch Intermediate 2 course

Course Dutch Intermediate 2
Level B1
Duration 11 weeks / 22 hours
Lessons 2 hours, once a week - evenings
Cost € 285,-
Course book Nederlands op Niveau* € 45,-

*Course book Nederlands in Actie

You can order your course book through CBE or get your own copy here.



CPE evaluation 2015

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the evening classes, it was one of the good things in the week. A way of playful learning, with lots of humour. In the mean time I learned to dot the i's and improve my spelling. On top of that there's the idiom, which is great fun. There are so much to discover in this language that I like it even better than before!"