"I can speak and understand well and I have a broad vocabulary, but I still have difficulty talking about more complex or abstract topics"

Advanced English courses

You can already:

  • interact easily with native speakers
  • write a range of different texts
  • read reports, articles and other texts without difficulty
  • understand the main points of lectures and presentations

You will develop your ability to:

  • easily understand most English-language TV programmes and films
  • follow conversations between native speakers without difficulty
  • read different kinds of complicated texts, even if they relate to an unfamiliar subject
  • speak fluently and spontaneously in social and work situations without the need to search for words
  • speak on-the-spot about current affairs, global issues and specific topics  
  • write a well-structured essay, report, email or letter which gives a clear message which is easily understood by the reader

You can also start preparation for the Cambridge English: Advanced examination when you have C1 level.


Is it an exam preparation course?

Our C1-level courses are combined with Cambridge English exam preparation. However, if you do not wish to prepare for the C1 Advanced exam, you can still follow these courses to develop your English. 

The focus is on building your vocabulary, developing your knowledge of English grammar, and improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. This is done through exam-based activities which have been proven to effectively develop your English ability. For those preparing for an exam, there will be some focus on exam technique and our experienced teachers will be on hand to answer any of your questions.



CPE evaluation 2015

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the evening classes, it was one of the good things in the week. A way of playful learning, with lots of humour. In the mean time I learned to dot the i's and improve my spelling. On top of that there's the idiom, which is great fun. There are so much to discover in this language that I like it even better than before!"