"I speak and understand quite well but still make a lot of mistakes and people don't always understand my English"

You can already talk about:

  • basic information about you and your family
  • subjects you are familiar with  
  • shopping
  • local geography 
  • employment 
  • your basic needs

You will learn how to:

  • feel more confident in social situations
  • understand important information from short, simple texts such as menus, adverts and messages
  • write simple texts such as social media messages
  • understand the key points from spoken conversations, announcements and reading texts
  • talk about basic situations/events in the past, present and future

Our Pre-Intermediate course is split into three stages, A, B, C. To reach B1 level you should aim to complete all the stages. This will give you a strong, accurate level of English which you can continue to develop.

Course stages

Courses Pre-Intermediate A Pre-Intermediate B Pre-Intermediate C
A2.1 (stage 1) A2.2 (stage 2) A2.3 (stage 3)
Once-a-week 11 weeks / 22 hours 11 weeks / 22 hours 11 weeks / 22 hours
Cost € 285,- *€ 285,- *€ 285,-
A2.1 - A2.3 A2.3 - B1+
Twice-a-week 11 weeks / 44 hours 11 weeks / 44 hours
Cost € 525 *€ 525
*If you re-register directly after your first course you will receive an earlybird discount on the next course / Course books are not included in course price



Dutch Beginners student 2015

"I love going to CBE because it not just going to dutch class but it is also going to other places in the world through the different cultures we meet there. Thank you CBE for that"