‘I have no difficulty speaking to and understanding native speakers but I would like to be able to use nuances of language and more idioms and expressions’

You can already:

  • take part in conversations with native speakers without difficulty
  • write a variety of different kinds of texts
  • understand spoken English in almost all situations
  • easily read texts such as articles and reports

You will develop your ability to:

  • understand all kinds of spoken language between native speakers in different situations, such as social conversations, meetings, presentations or lectures.
  • read complex texts such as articles on technical or specialised subjects and works of literature.
  • speak easily and fluently in any situation, both when interacting with native speakers and when speaking to an audience.
  • use idiomatic expressions correctly and appropriately
  • build a highly-sophisticated level of vocabulary 
  • use the correct style and structure when writing emails, letters, essay and reports in order to deliver a clear message to the reader.  



Lydia Evers

"I very much enjoyed my course at CBE. I found the atmosphere very warm and friendly which always made me look forward to the next class"