Welcome to our registration page!

All language training will start again in September, but you can already register here for a free test to determine your level.

Your results will be sent to us and we'll contact you to discuss your level and language goals.

Please bear in mind, most of our team are on holiday in the month of August, so follow-up calls to discuss your level will be made from Wednesday 01 September 2021.

If you would like to be called sooner or have any questions about the courses, you are welcome to email Emma at emma@cbelanguages.nl

During the call, you will be advised which courses are most suitable for you and you can then book a place on your preferred course.

Please note, you will be asked to pay for the course (using iDeal), in full, upon booking. If you are unable to pay via the website, please contact us to arrange alternative payment. We can only officially book your place on the course once payment has been made.

Problems with registering? Call Lisa on 0624449112

For an overview of group courses, go here.

You can also register if you are interested in 1-1 or specialist language training - we can discuss all the options when we contact you!

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