It's been a long year, hasn't it? Many of us have had to resort to doing everything online and that can get a little tiring. We have heard from many of you that you would like to return to the classroom, but we cannot say, as yet, when that will be possible. Everything is still a bit "up in the air".

1-1 Walking courses

We would like to embrace the opportunity to get out from behind our screens, stretch our legs, and support you in your language development – all at a safe distance!

Hence - our new 1-1 walking courses!

How does it work?

Before the course, you will have an online intake with one of our experienced language trainers. During the intake, they will assess your needs and goals for the course and we will create a bespoke plan for you.

On the day of the lesson, you'll meet your teacher at the designated meeting point* and begin your walking and talking adventure!

Walks can be taken in the morning, during your lunchbreak, mid-afternoon, or in the early evening - depending on the schedule you arrange with your trainer.


To work toward a specific language goal, we suggest booking a course of sessions, though you are also welcome to book one-off walks.

  • 1 x 45-minute session = € 49
  • Course of 6 x 45-min sessions = € 275,-
  • 1 x 75-minute session = € 78
  • Course of 6 x 75-min sessions = € 445,-

How can I register?

You can register here and one of our teachers will contact you for the assessment and answers any questions you may have.

To complete the booking, you just login and purchase the number of sessions you want.

As courses are 1-1, the start dates are flexible – just let us know when you wish to begin!


Er zijn momenteel geen cursussen beschikbaar


Dutch Beginners student

Dutch Beginners student

''Ik hou ervan om naar CBE te gaan omdat het niet alleen een Nederlands les is, het voelt als reizen naar andere plekken in de wereld door middel van de verschillende culturen. Bedankt voor dat CBE.''

Sarah, teacher & student

Sarah, teacher & student

"The warm environment, dedicated staff and overall general concern for the well-being of teachers, students and anyone who comes to CBE, set it apart from any other academy"

Urbanus's ervaring (Nederlands Beginners 4)

Urbanus's ervaring (Nederlands Beginners 4)

Urbanus shares how much he has learned on his Dutch course so far!