For whom?

The State Exam courses are ideally suited for course participants who can manage well in the Netherlands, but who want or need a higher standard professionally or privately. They ultimately train to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. For comparison: that is the level at which final English examinations are taken in the Netherlands at the VWO. The State Exam 1 course is the first step on the road to that level.

What can you expect?

The course consists of 22 contact hours in 11 weeks. During the course we offer a dynamic and student-oriented learning environment. In those 11 weeks we do not only pay a lot of attention to the Dutch language, but also to the culture. Exam components of the NT2 State Exam, program II, are part of the material.

How do we do that?

We achieve this by paying attention to:

  • vocabulary;
  • listening;
  • speaking;
  • reading and text comprehension;
  • group activities;
  • grammar.

If you have successfully completed the Staatsexamen 1 course, you can:

  • apply nuanced connections in a presentation or argument within a sentence or between sentences; give private and professional nuanced judgments, orally and in writing;
  • dealing with complicated situations orally and in writing (complaints, lost objects, reactions from third parties).

'Waiter! There is a hair in my soup! The guests next to us make a lot of noise. And I still have to prepare a presentation. I'm going crazy!'

Can that be solved in just a moment?

And after that?

If you have successfully completed the State Exam 1 course, you can move on to the next level, State Exam 2. That leads to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Dutch Intermediate 4 course

Course Dutch Intermediate 4
Level B2
Duration 11 weeks / 22 hours
Lessons 2 hours, once a week - evenings
Cost € 285,-
Course book De Finale* € 35,-

Course book De Finale*

Je kunt je cursusboek bestellen via CBE of je eigen exemplaar hier krijgen.


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'Staatsexamen' Prep A

Start date: 18/09/2019

End date: 04/12/2019



Urbanus's experience (Dutch Beginners 4, 2019)

Urbanus's experience (Dutch Beginners 4, 2019)

Urbanus shares how much he has learned on his Dutch course so far!

Amanda, Dutch student 2017

Amanda, Dutch student 2017

"Attended Dutch lessons here - welcoming, friendly environment with professional teachers. Made some great friends and recommend this language school over any other in Rotterdam!"

Jiyoung, English student 2010-2013

Jiyoung, English student 2010-2013

"I have studied English for 3 years in CBE with lots of fun and joy. It was lucky for me to learn English from great teachers who have great teaching skills and rich experiences"