As well as being the language of diplomacy and international communications, English is used as the main language in many industries, including tourism, education, medicine, science, computer technology, business, and media, among many others.

At CBE we have experience in teaching English for these specific purposes and more. Our professional expertise and teaching methods ensure the most productive learning experience and have resulted in many satisfied customers.

All specialist English courses, online and onsite, are designed to meet your needs. To find out more or to arrange a course, please contact Emma for a consultation or make an appointment.


"The lessons at CBE were aimed at improving and developing (our officers) language and jargon, using knowledge they already had. The result was officers who were better prepared as their confidence increased. The attention they got was more than satisfying and very professional. Thank you for that on behalf of our students"
Dick Overeijnder - Zeehaven Politie Rotterdam

Upper-Intermediate Business English