Our Business English evening courses are aimed at building your confidence and motivation in using professional English within an international business environment. Our general business course is focused on effective business communication, but we can provide more specific courses upon request.

As the classes are a mix of Dutch and international students, you will become familiar with different accents which will add to your global understanding of English and aid your development in inter-cultural communication. During the course, you will look at:

  • How to improve your emails
  • Language for meetings,  negotiating and socialising
  • Intercultural communication
  • Communicative grammar

Business English Course

Day Time Duration Cost
Thursdays 20:05 - 22:00 11 weeks € 295 + coursebook
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Tata Cristina, 2017

"CBE makes a big difference when you want to improve your English. Thank you Jo. I learned a lot with you. You are a wonderful teacher"