Multiple choice questions

1. Mary is English, but Peter isn't; he is German.
2. Bob is older than John, but younger than Elisabeth.
3. The children are looking for their dog.
4. John can't go to the cinema tomorrow
5. Your father wants you to go home.
6. The captain was told not to leave the harbour.
7. Jack and Dorothy write to each other every Sunday.
8. Mr. Abercrombie should go to bed earlier.
9. Her brother hardly works at all.
10. I was supposed to see the doctor this morning.
11. My grandmother has lived for about 100 years.
12. Shall I ask him to come in?
13. Mr. and Mrs. Applethwaite remembered to lock their door before leaving.
14. Mary had her dress cleaned yesterday.
15. She´d rather drink milk.
16. Either bus goes to Marble Arch.
17. If it had been sunny yesterday, I´d have played tennis.
18. Mr. Smith doesn´t have to work today.
19. She couldn´t have passed the test.
20. Had I not seen George, I would never have known he was here in London


Two men got into an argument over some drinks in a pub. They started fighting and the landlord telephoned the police. The men were driven to the police station, but on arrival, one of them managed to escape.

Now choose the correct word or phrase to re-construct the story:

Two men together when an argument The men soon and the landlord the police. The situation to get out of hand when the police and the two men to the police station. As they the police car, one man and succeeded