Online courses for Dutch and English

CBE is happy to now offer the option of online courses as well as courses at our school in the centre of Rotterdam. The great thing about online courses is that you can join us from anywhere in the world! (with a stable internet connection)

Our online courses guarantee

In order to provide the most effective learning experience for you, we can already guarantee that our courses:

  • have small groups (average groups, 6-8 participants)
  • will include a dedicated dropbox folder which will be updated after each lesson with worksheets, lesson notes, and any material required for the next lesson.
  • will provide clear instructions of what to do, how to log in and what you are expected to do.
  • will have a dedicated helpline for students who are struggling with the software or experience any online learning issues.

New online courses Dutch and English will be available in September 2020!

We will be adapting the structure of the lessons to suit online learning, but you will still receive the same amount of content and the goals remain the same.
If you are interested in taking part in an online course with us, please send an email to so we can keep you, personally, up to date with all new course information.

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