Welcome to our B2 Cambridge course! Our Cambridge English B2 First Prep course is designed to introduce you to the Cambridge English exams. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the technicalities of the exam, while developing your English proficiency, giving you a diverse range of language to use and practise with.

As a competent B2-level student you are able to:

Understand the main ideas of various kinds of texts, including technical writing on topics you know very well.

Express yourself fairly fluently and spontaneously to native speakers, even though you sometimes might need to search for a word or two.

Our Cambridge First preparation course is designed to develop and improve these skills, as well as your writing ability so that you can write a range of different texts, such as emails, reports and essays. You will work with specific exam activities, so that you will be fully prepared and familiar with the exam content.

You will expand your vocabulary, and begin to understand challenging grammar structures to expand and develop your English proficiency.

The course is split into three stages; A, B, C. Each stage will prepare you for the exam by developing your:

● Understanding of complex English grammar

● Use of English

● Reading and listening abilities, including; speed and understanding information.

● Ability to maintain a conversation on different topics

To be fully prepared to sit the FCE exam, or progress to C1 level, you should aim to complete all three stages. This will give you the skills you require to develop an advanced level of English

Not taking the exam? No problem - this course is still a great way for you to improve your English level!

Course stages

FCE Preparation A FCE Preparation B FCE Preparation C
22 hours + homework 22 hours + homework 22 hours + homework
€ 305,- € 305,- € 305,-
Course book € 45


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Cambridge English First A

Start date: 17/09/2019

End date: 03/12/2019


Cambridge English First B

Start date: 14/01/2020

End date: 01/12/2020


Cambridge English First C

Start date: 14/04/2020

End date: 30/06/2020



Maiike Proficiency English course review

Maiike Proficiency English course review

Listen to Maaike give us a heartfelt review on her experience of learning English with us at CBE Languages. Enjoy!

Jiyoung, English student 2010-2013

Jiyoung, English student 2010-2013

"I have studied English for 3 years in CBE with lots of fun and joy. It was lucky for me to learn English from great teachers who have great teaching skills and rich experiences"

Menno Klaasen, Business English student

Menno Klaasen, Business English student

"Nice environment, kind people and good quality of classes"