Cambridge English Proficiency preparation

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Cambridge English Proficiency Preparation

At a C2 level, you can:

  • Understand virtually everything you hear and read.
  • Summarise information from different sources, and reconstruct arguments and accounts in a professional way.
  • Express yourself actively and spontaneously, using complex structures and a wide range of synonyms to speak fluently and precisely.

Our Cambridge English Proficiency prep course will utilise and expand these skills, while developing your writing ability so that you can produce well-structured text, making full use of organisational and connective devices.

On this course you will gain a rich library of vocabulary and grammar to help you on your way.

Our Cambridge English Proficiency preparation course is split into stages; A, B, C and Last Minute Prep!

Each stage will develop and test your:

  • Understanding of complex grammatical structures
  • Use of English
  • Reading and listening abilities, including; speed and information retention
  • Ability to maintain a conversation on a wide range of specialised topics

To be fully prepared to sit the CPE exam you should aim to complete all the stages and ensure you spend lots of time reading, listening to and speaking English outside of the classroom. This will give you the skills you require to be fully proficient and prepared.

Not taking the exam? No problem, this course is a great way to enrich and develop your English proficiency.

Available C2 Courses

Cambridge English Proficiency C2 preparation

17 Apr 2024 - 17 Apr 2024

€ 330.00