Why does your doctor prescribe acetaminophen and not antibiotics? And why can't you immediately make an appointment with a specialist? Where do those waiting lists come from?

Beginners 2 is the ideal course for those who want to lay a stronger foundation in Dutch. Whether you need the language professionally, for your personal development or for your civic integration exam; such a foundation is indispensable for learning any language.

IMPORTANT to know before booking this course...

Lessons are taught in Dutch! That's right - even our Beginners 1 course. Our teachers are very experienced in teaching foreign languages to beginners, so they will use simple instructions to help you become familiar with the language.

Our aim is to immerse you in the language so that you feel comfortable around it. You will slowly build an understanding of everything you hear, and it will encourage you to try using the language yourself.

You are not expected to understand every word at the start, but as the teacher repeats certain phrases and uses body language and visual clues, you will start acquiring the language at a lot faster rate than if we taught it in English.

If you need your teacher to explain something in your own language / in English, then you are very welcome to ask them - try asking them in Dutch!

Lessons online: Lessons will be held via Zoom with an average of 6-8 students.

Lessons at CBE: We wish to provide a safe and comfortable place for you to learn so we have limited our onsite courses to 8-10 students maximum.

RETURNERS: If you currently on a Beginners 1 course and wish to sign up for Beginners 2, you have 2 options:

  • Log in to the site and you will be able to order the course listed on the right of this page. Once booked and paid, you will receive a notification and your place is confirmed!

NEW STUDENTS: Please register first and do the free intake. Once completed, you can:

  • Log in to the site and you will be able to order the course listed on the right of this page. Once booked and paid, you will receive a notification and your place is confirmed!

Course book

Course books are compulsory for this course - please ensure you order in time. You can purchase the course book, De Opmaat, here. (ISBN: 9789024431991). If you do not have your course book in time for the first lesson, don't worry, just inform us and we will send you the first few pages.

If you have successfully completed Dutch Beginners 2, you can:

  • Talk about what you do, have done, want to do, can do, may do and must do;
  • Act independently in everyday situations: ordering and paying for something, shopping, going to the doctor.

What you get

If you have successfully completed the course, you can proceed to the next level, Beginners 3. This leads to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.


You can buy these courses after you have visited us to test your level! Click here to create an appointment.

Dutch Beginners 2 - Online

Start date: 20/09/2023

End date: 06/12/2023


€ 330.00

Dutch Beginners 2 - Onsite

Start date: 19/09/2023

End date: 05/12/2023


€ 330.00


Shaf & Maaike's experience (Cambridge Proficiency)

Shaf & Maaike's experience (Cambridge Proficiency)

Teacher and student sharing some of their thoughts on CBE.

Michel, English student

Michel, English student

"At CBE languages they have a team of very skilled and helpful teachers that resulted in me passing for my English C2-level exam"

Urbanus's experience (Dutch Beginners 4)

Urbanus's experience (Dutch Beginners 4)

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