"I can say and understand a few basic things in Dutch"

Dutch for Beginners 2

You can already:

  • use familiar expressions and very basic phrases
  • introduce yourself to others 
  • ask and answer basic questions about where you live, people you know and things you have. 

You will learn:

  • lots of new vocabulary 
  • how to pronounce certain sounds
  • how to interact confidently in basic Dutch
  • how to ask more complicated questions
  • how to improve your understanding when people speak to you.

Once a week Dutch Beginners 2 course

Course Dutch Beginner 2
Level A1
Duration 11 weeks / 22 hours
Lessons once a week - evenings
Cost € 285,-
Course book Nederlands in Gang* € 40,-

*Nederlands in Gang course book

You can order your course book through CBE or get your own copy here.

This book is valid for courses Beginners 1 up to and including Beginners 4.



Lydia Evers

"I very much enjoyed my course at CBE. I found the atmosphere very warm and friendly which always made me look forward to the next class"