"I speak and understand quite well but still make a lot of mistakes and sometimes I fail to make myself understood"

Dutch Beginners 4 course

You can already talk about:

  • basic information about you and your family
  • subjects you are familiar with  
  • shopping
  • your local area 
  • employment 
  • your basic needs

You will learn how to:

  • feel more confident in social situations
  • understand important information from short, simple texts such as menus, adverts and messages
  • write simple texts such as social media messages
  • understand the key points from spoken conversations, announcements and telephone messages.
  • talk about present events and situations.


Dutch Beginners 4 course

Course Dutch Beginners 4
Level A2
Duration 11 weeks / 22 hours
Lessons 2 hours, once a week - evenings
Cost € 285,-
Course book Nederlands in Gang* € 40,-

Nederlands in Gang course book

You can order your course book through CBE or get your own copy here. This book is valid for Beginners 1 up to and including Beginners 4.



Menno Klaasen, Business English student

"Nice environment, kind people and good quality of classes"